Comfort swimming pool lift R29N for therapy use

This lift can be used for almost all types of obstructions and is adjustable to many types of gutter. The lift is particularly suitable for use in therapy facilities and is equipped with fold-down and very stable armrests for more perceived safety, a footrest that can be folded away and adjusted in height, and a very large (400 x 500 mm) flat seat for easy access. For even more possibilities of use, the seat can easily be disassembled and optionally a couch (R29L) or the universal seat (R12BE) can be mounted instead. The standard delivery includes the battery charger.

Colour: white
Material: stainless steel V4A (1.4571)
Load capacity: up to 180 kg
Medical device: Class 1
Target group: for wheelchair users with various disabilities
Positioning: at the edge of the pool especially for therapy facilities or public baths
Distance from the pool edge: max. 500 mm in the standard version or max. 750 mm with optional arm extension and reduced load capacity

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