Dune grass: North sea feeling at the children´s pool

Are you planning a children’s pool and looking for great interactive attractions?

When planning children’s pools, there is often a tendency to compromise between water area and attraction. On the one hand you want to offer the children play opportunities, on the other hand you want to keep as much water surface as possible. If you have more of the one, you have less of the other.

Not anymore!

We know the problem and have thought about how we can make children’s pools more attractive without affecting the water surface.

Together with our designer Markus Ehring, we have developed an interactive attraction, the dune grass, which is based on the tried and tested game ideas of our CRAFT product line.

This great attraction is particularly suitable for the pool edge. With our universal ground anchor, it can be easily placed in the channel (stainless steel), but can also be placed outside.

Four special features

Interchangeability of the nozzles: connoisseurs of our water play areas already appreciate our floor nozzles. Now we are also using these intelligent developments for our new dune grasses. This has the great advantage for you that you can change the water effect in next to no time. With the special key supplied, you can easily unscrew the existing nozzle and insert a new one. A completely new water effect and thus a new atmosphere is created.

bewegliche Düse 1

Interactivity: A movable nozzle (above in the picture) will inspire many children. The children will have fun splashing their parents wet (only in the pool, of course 😉). Apart from that, two nozzles are built into the dune grass: if you keep one closed, the other is going to spray even further.

Combination of water and light: The “glowing dune grass” will immerse your swimming pool in an unbelievably great atmosphere, because an LED is integrated into the nozzle.

R201815 60 leuchtendes Dünengras MASTER hell

Stainless steel: quality pays off! That is why we do not compromise on the material and only offer you our product in the best quality.

R201815 70 Interaktives Dünengras I
Interactive dune grass with a moving nozzle

Do you want to revive that North Sea feeling too? Then contact us!

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