How to shower in outdoor pools in 2021!


Freshly cut grass in the pool, … you know it for sure!

Little Louisa is happily playing soccer with her dad on the open-air swimming pool lawn. The game comes to an abrupt end when Louisa’s friend Kati calls to her from the edge of the non-swimmer’s pool: Come on, let’s play cops and robbers!

So, nothing like going there. Louisa sprints toward the pool. Her dad shouts something about “showering” after her, but has no chance of being heard, because Louisa already starts to jump from the edge of the pool and … “Splash!”

When she emerges, she finds herself surrounded by blades of grass, because the meadow where she had previously played soccer was freshly mowed … .

How most outdoor pools solve the problem so far

To avoid the above fictitious situation, many outdoor pools have adopted a strategy that makes it impossible for children to bypass the walk-through pool. Hedges separate the sunbathing areas from the pool and the children have to walk through the walk-through pool to get to the pool. This also serves the purpose to some extent, since even if the bathers do not press the shower time valve, there is usually enough water in the walk-through pool to clear the bathers’ feet of the majority of grass blades (or grains of sand).

Is there a solution how to make showering in the outdoor pool more attractive?

Apart from the already mentioned point of getting rid of coarse dirt on the skin, such as blades of grass, sand, other dirt, etc., bathers should also take a thorough shower (with shower gel) to wash off germs that are on the skin. Sure, the chlorine in the pool prevents the spread of germs, but against some germs even the chlorine is powerless. 

Therefore, not only since Corona, it is our duty as adults to demonstrate it to the children and educate them to hygiene.

Only: How can you teach children to shower? In our opinion, the only way is to have fun. Read on.

Showering not only makes sense, but from now on also fun

Duschpad Hei 2c 1

With our new OXY showers, in the already familiar OXY design, we want to make showering more attractive, especially for children. Hygiene is important!

The funny showers can be seen from far away and magically attract the children. The caustic showers become an experience.

Instead of dragging the kids to the shower, parents can be heard saying: ,,Come on, let’s get splashed by the cute flamingo!”

Do you want to know what is the absolute hit? Our new ShowerPad!

For our new OXY – showers we have come up with a special feature. Of course, the OXY shower fits to your existing walk-through pool. If this does not work in the standard version, then we can, as you are already used to from other Roigk attractions, make the necessary adjustments.

But you also have the option to equip the OXY shower together with the new ShowerPad

R005 002 20DuschPad

This shower pad, in a child-friendly design (variable), consists of a stainless steel tray and a durable and non-slip EPDM covering. The DuschPad has a slope with central drain, so there is no standing water. It is barrier-free, allowing even the physically challenged bathers to enjoy a nice showering experience.

Naturally best technology

Our standard stainless steel shower R43 is already known. Just as with this perennial favorite, we use only high-quality materials and components for the OXY showers, with which we have already made the best experiences.

The standard version comes with electronic flow control (start-stop function); programmable run time; automatic hygienic flushing; patent plug-in coupling and compatibility with our Roigk – universal floor anchor.

You have interest/ questions? Contact us now!

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How to shower in outdoor pools in 2021!

The funny showers can be seen from far away and magically attract the children. Showering becomes an experience. Instead of dragging the kids to the showers, parents can be heard saying: ,, Come on, let’s get splashed by the cute flamingo!”.

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