Into the future with the universal ground anchor

Today your swimming pool is up to date. With our universal ground anchor, we ensure that it will still be up to date tomorrow.

What advantages does it offer me in my daily work?

  • SUSTAINABLE: As the operator, you want your public swimming pool to be more attractive on a regular basis. With the universal ground anchor you can swap attractions between several pools, change the arrangement on the area or purchase new attractions. Simply loosen the screws, replace the water feature and off you go. No construction. We are constantly working on the selection of attractions, so that every year there are more attractions to choose from that fit your ground anchor.

  • SEALED: Sealing is not a problem, as there are suitable sealing flange solutions for all situations

  • SUITABLE: If I remember to change the attractions again in the course of the project, or to swap places, I can do that very easily because every attraction fits on the universal ground anchor

  • STABLE: the ground anchor is sturdy and so firmly attached that even the largest attractions with wind loads do not knock it down.

  • PROJECT-SPECIFIC ADAPTABLE: Every building project is different. Sometimes the water connections have to be made from below with a special connection; times from the side; extended or with sealing flange. Roigk produces everything in Gevelsberg (Germany) and sends out the universal ground anchor adapted to the project at short notice. We will find the right installation solution.

  • FORGIVING: How many times has a water cannon splashed in the wrong direction because the fixture was misaligned? The 24 threads in the universal ground anchor allow easy adjustment of the spray direction.

  • SAVE: Often the project budget is limited. So that you don’t have to dispense attractions, we have the solution: Plan as many ground anchors as you need for your dream solution. You have the option of retrofitting with our universal ground anchor. So you don’t have to equip all of the ground anchors with an attraction, you can install a cheaper floor nozzle at the beginning. This way you save and don’t miss out on the great water experience that you want to offer your guests.


Which ROIGK attractions are suitable?

  • All OXY, CRAFT and RIFF Attractions

  • All WAVE nozzles

  • Most Roigk Waterspouters

  • Attractions and nozzles with LED

  • GRP water attractions
  • RED Nautilus water cannons with time valve * Additional accessories may be required – let us advise you

Wassertropfen Bietigheim Bissingen 036 I

Useful information for planning

  • The universal ground anchor is made of V4A stainless steel 1.4571 and is therefore the right choice for your project
  • The standard water connection is always a 1 1/2 “internal thread and water supply lines should be dimensioned accordingly so as not to restrict the modularity for future new acquisitions / changes.
  • The universal ground anchor and the basic ground anchor are always delivered with a winter cap. This protects the thread in the project phase and prevents contamination of the water pipes. In later use, this can be used as a winter cover.
  • For every attraction there are clearly measured water dimensions and data sheets that simplify the design of the water technology.
Img 1836I
Stainless steel pool with OXY attractions

We are happy to help with the planning

The aim is to create an attractive water play area,

  • – that fits the target group,
  • – whose water spray pattern is coordinated,
  • – attracts visitors to the public swimming pool,
  • – which kindles the glow in the children’s eyes.

This is not so easy. For this reason, we tried many hours, analyzed projects and observed game processes. There are areas that are more active than others. It is also important to choose the correct distances between the attractions.

We’re not satisfied with rigid renderings. We design a landscape with you and involve you directly.

Thun (Switzerland)

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