Standing showers and outdoor pool equipment

According to the KOK guidelines for bathroom construction, the transitions to the bathing area must be equipped with showers and, if necessary, walk-through basins. The number and arrangement depends on the arrangement of the pool and the routing to the bathing slab.
Our showers are the right choice for this purpose and also offer some added value. Nature and your wallet will be pleased about the new water-saving shower heads. At the same time, bathers are fascinated by the intensive and full water jet. During operation, the bathroom technician relies above all on the availability of spare parts that have been available for decades, proven technology and the easy dismantling option provided by our patented coupling.
According to the current KOK guideline, pool accesses are to be formed in the outdoor pool between the bathing slab/pool surrounds and the meadow areas.
These are to be designed as shower area with floor drain, walk-through trough or walk-through pool.
Walk-through troughs and walk-through basins filled with water are to be connected to the clean water system and the clean water treatment. Showers may be operated either with drinking water or pure water.

Standing showers and outdoor pool equipment

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