What please is an OXY?

Don’t be surprised if your children soon throw Spongebob and Pokemon off the shelves. This is probably due to the fact that one Saturday afternoon you have given your children access to one of many German swimming pools that are populated by so-called OXY’s.

But what is behind all this?

The company Roigk and the designer Markus Ehring present their new addition to the family: Ten new animals from the Oxy series have been added to the Roigk product family since the beginning of 2016. They come from the sea, from the air or from a pond. They are sweet, colourful and interactive. The Oxy animals are made of stainless steel 1.4571 and powder-coated in the proven Roigk quality. Of course they all fit on the universal ground anchor.

With the unique universal floor anchor as an interface, it is possible for the bathroom operator to make changes to the existing area without much effort.

Each animal has a very individual character, characterised by design, function and water effect. The shark splashes its prey with 5 individual water jets, while the flamingo stretches out its water wings to the side. The snail stretches out its feelers as far as possible because it is so curious.

R201704 90 Laminarfrosch Rendering MS I

Everything from one source?

Roigk offers water play areas from one source. Design, theming, pipework and flooring included – and even LED lighting on request. The risks associated with numerous interfaces between the various trades are thus extremely reduced, while planning and cost security are enhanced.

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