Diving towers: Selection and standards DIN EN 13451-10

Water jumping
Water jumping is a popular water sport where the jumpers jump into the water from different heights and with different techniques. As a competitive sport, water jumping has been part of the Olympic Games since 1904 with various competitions. A distinction is made between artistic jumping (1 m and 3 m board), high diving (5 m, 7.5 m and 10 m tower) and synchronised jumping (3 m board and 10 m tower). Water jumping is also a popular leisure sport that can be practised in many swimming and leisure pools and attracts many guests. It is also an important part of most swimming badges and life-saving swimming.

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Water jumping as a leisure sport
Jumps into the water require courage and skill and have a long tradition. Most public swimming and leisure pools have a diving tower for the visitors. These facilities are particularly suitable for children and young people.
attraction and are used intensively. In contrast to competition jumping, where elegance and clean immersion are the main focus, for many recreational jumpers the courage to jump, from greater heights also the feeling of free fall and sometimes also the impression you make on the spectators counts. A popular jump is the so-called ass bomb, where you hit the water with the largest possible surface area, creating a high fountain.


Standards and material selection
Our vaulting systems comply with DIN EN 13451-10 and exceed it in many areas in terms of ergonomics and the important safety-relevant TÜV recommendations. A corresponding system statics exists for all systems. Normally, they are fixed by means of a mounting template cast into the foundation. For details on foundation loads, mounting, sizes and options, please refer to our product data sheets.
Our vaulting systems are made completely of stainless steel with stainless steel railings and stainless steel ladders and can optionally be colour coated. The stainless steel diving platform railings comply with DIN EN 13451-10. The railing infill is designed in such a way that it cannot be exceeded according to the standard – with vertical filling rods or optionally with glass infill. As an option, the towers can be equipped with a flatter stainless steel safety ladder with double handrail according to the current standard. The jumping platforms are equipped with a stable anti-slip class C lashing.
For the springboard systems, please select the desired springboard type with base:
For recreational sports we recommend our extremely durable GRP springboards R771162D in 4.8 m length with springboard roller adjustment R771252 and end bearing R31. To reduce the noise level we always recommend the noise absorber R32, especially in indoor swimming pools.
For international and Olympic competitions we recommend the FINA-compliant aluminium springboard R771160-1 with the base R771161.

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Popular diving tower combinations in public baths
1 m diving board – 3 m diving platform
1 m diving board – 3 m diving board
1 m diving board – 5 m diving platform – 3 m diving board
1 m diving board – 3 m diving board – 5 m diving platform – 3 m diving platform
1 m diving board – 7.5 m diving platform – 5 m diving platform – 3 m diving platform
1 m diving board – 7.5 m diving platform – 5 m diving platform/over 10 m diving platform – 3 m diving platform

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