New water play area for the Osnabrück Moskaubad

At the beginning of the year, Stadtwerke Osnabrück was faced with the question of how best to use a previously unused area in the indoor swimming pool in Moscow to help make it more attractive. The theme “jungle” was to be taken up, which has already been implemented in the outdoor area through the “Jungle Path”.

IMG 0140

The good connection to the Gevelsberg-based company Roigk was used, and they quickly found themselves at a table to develop an idea. In Nettebad in Osnabrück, the municipal utilities had already successfully designed a water feature area together with the stainless steel specialist, so it was soon clear that the neighbouring Moscow bathing resort should also go in this direction.

IMG 0141

The great thing about an interactive water play area is that the children are encouraged to play with each other, while many individual experiences in the pool often involve long waiting times. In addition, pools can swap attractions with each other thanks to the Roigk ground anchor that has been installed. The construction project was implemented during the revision period and the official opening was scheduled for mid-September. Translated with (free version)

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