Water play areas in public space!?

Attractive water play areas = future

In North and Latin America, water play areas have long been part of the cityscape. But anyone who thinks that the warmer climate is the only reason for this is wrong. For there are good arguments for a water play area that have nothing to do with the climate in the first place.

There is a tendency for fewer people to go on holiday. The number of families who can book twice a year is decreasing – but the need for recreation and relaxation remains, or rather increases, as the stress in the professions increases.

The bottom line is that families need local recreation facilities.

Parks and green areas are already a popular recreation area for families. The balance on the doorstep promotes the satisfaction of the population and identification with the city.

Water is physics you can touch. If you observe children, you can easily see that the attraction of water is anchored in their nature. It is therefore no wonder that the sea is so popular as a holiday destination. Children are happy with water.

Just like on the beach, children learn skills with educational value on our water play areas. Among these are: gross and fine motor skills; imagination; foresighted thinking; risk assessment; self-perception; integration; creativity; communication; empathy and responsibility as well as other social skills that are indispensable in our diverse society.

Last but not least, the obvious: hot summers have been a part of Germany for the last few years. Global climate changes promise continued high temperatures, which are causing people to seek cooling.

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Adventures for little explorers – In the middle of Cologne

“Look mummy, a dragon” – we hear little Nils calling from the site fence. With his nose stuck through the fence, he looks with big eyes at what our fitters are mounting on our universal ground anchor in the MIDDLE OF COLOGNE: a dragon.

Between the Colonius television tower and the chirping of the wild parakeets, our fitters are working on completing the largest ROIGK WATERPLAY AREA in a public space to date.

So far, we have realised the vast majority of our water play areas in public pools. But the trend shows that urban parks and facilities also offer potential for such attractive installations.

88 water points and 26 pipes on a total of 1260 m² make a great area, which promises the little explorer many adventures.

Frog, beetle, jellyfish & Co. populate the area besides other big attractions like the dragon or the 3 palm trees and many different floor jets (over 40 !!!)

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