Why do water playgrounds attract families to the swimming pool?

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As a manufacturer of water attractions, can we provide facts and figures to prove the usefulness of the water play areas? What are the arguments you should consider in the context of public swimming pools? What is the big difference between a water play area and other attractions in a swimming pool?

You will find answers in this blog post.

Water play area as a community experience

Yes, it’s true, as a manufacturer of stainless steel water attractions, we argue from our point of view and are therefore not entirely objective because we want to advertise our products. We don’t just do this because we earn our daily bread with it, but because we appreciate the relevance of our attractions and their Added value for you are convinced.

The typical swimming pool attraction offers the guest an experience, but it is an individual experience. You swim alone, you jump alone and you slide alone. Certain facilities can only be entered individually. As a result, long lines often form at the popular highlights. The situation becomes so confusing for the overseeing person. The crowd creates a higher risk of accidents. Apart from this, even the most patient swimmers do not go to the pool to wait, but to have fun. In terms of time, 99% of people wait in front of most attractions, while fun accounts for 1%.

We design interactive water play areas. Children should be able to play together.

We want to have 99% fun and minimize the waiting time .

Water play area as safe zone for small children

The classic children’s pool has a lot of water surface to offer and usually few attractions for the youngest. Those who don’t bring their own shovel and bucket usually just sit around and pat the water with their bare hands. A parent is always within reach, because despite the shallow water depth, the danger of drowning is not excluded.

Water play areas offer a great opportunity, especially for the little ones first experiences with the element water to collect: floor nozzles! It’s fantastic to see how simple water effects inspire children and train their creativity.

One thing is noticeable: the mothers sit relaxed on the picnic blanket and read a book. By the water level = 0 exists almost no risk of drowning for the little ones. A day in the swimming pool is also a great experience for parents.

Our water play areas offer fun for all ages, even adults can finally relax.

Figures, Data, Facts – Casestudy Bocholt

So far, so good. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, in the end it is the economic efficiency that decides. Water play areas cost a lot of money and this investment must be economically viable.

Many of our customers would like to address the target group of families and children more strongly and hope that the investment will increase the number of bathers. Families are the future!

In October 2017, a 250 square metre area opened in the Inselbad Bahia in Bocholt as a combination of a childrens pool and a water play area. The orientation was clear: children and families should be addressed more strongly.

In the three months following the opening (the figures are available to us), the operator was able to record an increase in the target group of more than 11,500 people, including around 2,200 small children.

Other operators have confirmed similar developments in their public swimming pools. Water play areas attract families. Where the children have fun and the parents can relax, families go there and are even willing to accept longer trips.

Water play areas: good for marketing of the entire swimming pool

What is the difference between your swimming pool and the one in the neighboring town? Often there are hardly any differences. Many bathrooms have a similar basic structure and offer the visitor more or less the same thing, only in green. So why should a visitor come to your swimming pool?

Water play areas are still relatively new on the market and therefore offer the opportunity to clearly differentiate yourself from other pools in the area. Keyword: unique selling point .

But there is another advantage for your marketing. We create with our water play areas Themed worlds . Instead of just having attractions in the swimming pool, you have a jungle; a tropical island; Loch Ness or a North Sea beach. There are no limits to the design of the area. Experience shows that such themed worlds attract visitors.


  1. Water play areas promote the community water experience without waiting times.
  2. They provide a safe environment for small children to discover the element of water. The parents can relax.
  3. Water play areas have a clearly positive effect on the target group
  4. Appealing communication through imaginative theme worlds

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