Lake Constance thermal spa Überlingen: New interactive toddler area …

… will attract thousands of families with children to the public swimmingpool. The region around Lake Constance finally has a pool with great water play attractions for children. Frog; Fish, Duck and Co. offer great opportunities to play with the element of water, so that the little explorers can let their imagination run wild.

Why theming makes sense

Together with the wall painting (, the ROIGK attractions create a whole. This not only increases the experience value for the children, it is also very practical for the marketing of the public swimmingpool. Because an adventure world with names (such as Nemo’s world; underwater world or jungle) can be marketed better than a neutral children’s area without theming. Our attractions can be combined with many different topics, so we are sure to have a suitable one for you.

You don´t have any ideas for a topic for your project? No problem! We are bursting with creativity and would be happy to create a concept for you.

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Built-in attractions in Lake Constance thermal spa Überlingen

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