Mobile swimming pool lift R36

The lift combines four considerable advantages:

1) It is rollable, no ground sleeve or anchoring is necessary.
2) The weight of approx. 140 kg is so light that even weaker persons can easily push it.
3) The new design considerably reduces the obstacles to use for the person being transported.
4) The lift can be used in a similar way to a wheelchair, and people can be picked up directly from the changing room. Unnecessary moving is no longer necessary.

With control panel up/down, emergency stop button, digital display for charging status, two wheels with brake. Secure standing at the pool edge due to automatic electrical lowering lock at the front.

Colour: white powder-coated
Size (L/W/H): approx. 1,245 x 1,510 x 640 mm
Load capacity: 136 kg
Medizinprodunk: Class 1
Dead weight of lift: approx. 140 kg
Power supply: built-in 24V batteries (incl. charger)
Target group: Swimmers with various disabilities
Positioning: at the edge of the pool, especially public pools – suitable for all standard channel systems where the water level is at a similar height to the pool surround, e.g. Wiesbaden channel, Finnish channel, stainless steel channel, etc.
Material: aluminium, stainless steel (1.4571)

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