ROIGK intake system R83070-6 mm perforation

With 6 mm perforation
For standard-compliant suction in concrete pools with composite sealing, designed in accordance with Merkblatt 60.03, securing of discharge pipes against pressure forces by the German Society for Swimming, suitable for use in private and public swimming and bathing water pools, and in accordance with the European standard DIN EN 13451, parts 1, 3 and 4, according to which openings in swimming pools must not exceed a width (also diagonally) or a diameter of 8 mm. The prototype was approved by SiSSWA, declared to be in conformity with the standard and certified. The hair catch test was passed taking into account flow velocity and water volume.

Consisting of wall mounted, straight, with PVC suction housing, all-round coating flange, variable screen adapter and stainless steel cover screen, glass bead blasted and electropolished. The suction system has a suction capacity of 45 m³/h, flange connection DN 200.

The installation part is optimized for concrete pools incl. pool coating with composite sealing and a wall thickness of 300 mm (other wall thicknesses available as special design).

PVC flange connection DN 200/ da 225 mm drilled to PN 10, incl. threaded inserts M20 galvanized

PVC box, DN 400, with surrounding paint flange d = 522 mm, 10 mm thick incl. 4 nail holes d = 3 mm
Installation depth upper edge of suction grille min. 0.6 m below water level, according to leaflet 60.03 in the version of May 2007, as well as EN 13451-3:2001 for installation in concrete/tiled pools.

Length of installation part: 300 mm
Outer dimension of coating flange: d = 522 mm
Outer dimension flange connection: d = 400 mm

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