Pool equipment

A visit to the swimming pool is an great experience for all the family. And so that everyone has a good time, we provide your guests with the best quality facilities. All products are tested in our own testing facilities for all possible eventualities and prepared as well as possible. So just click through our wide range and see the proven ROIGK quality for yourself.


Stairs and ladders

Perfect hold thanks to professional quality

Because of our decades of experience in the area of swimming facilities and our high vertical integration we only produce stairs and handrails that meet the highest demands. We use at least stainless steel 316Ti additionally electropolished for better corrosion resistance. We will work with you to always find the right steps or the right handrail for your purposes.

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Stairs & ladders

Swimming pool stairs R300

The classic among the ROIGK pool stairs The R300 pool stairs are adapted to the conditions in the pool. They are made of top quality stainless steel 316Ti or on request 904L and ensure safe entry into the pool.

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Swimming pool lifts

Disabled access to the water

Fun in water is for everyone. And so it is also possible for the physically disabled, pool lifts are essential. ROIGK provides appropriate solutions for every area of use that we have tested personally for their functionality. The high quality and modern mechanics ensure a smooth entry into the cool water.

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Swimming pool lifts

Swimming pool lift R29N

The convenient swimming pool lift facilitates access to the pool. Perfect for use in therapy pools but also for public swimming pools.

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The classic choice with high-tech shower head

So that your guests can enjoy a good shower before and after swimming, we only use the best materials and equip our free-standing showers with the most up-to-date technology. Since 2015 we have only been fitting water-saving shower heads, which ensure a complete shower experience with low water consumption.

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Super economic shower enjoyment

The secret it the water spray: Compared with “normal” water-saving shower heads, it is pleasant with large drops and, even with very low quantities of water, still so effective that even long hair can be cleaned with no problem. Because of the 1/2” connection, existing systems can be converted with no problem and the investment costs are normally paid off within a few months.

Flexible settings enable the spray to be kept bundled up so that there is little loss of water and heat. The thick drops hold the heat for longer in the water. The round solid stainless steel construction and special keys make it vandal-proof.