Swimming pool ladder R1010-1

The proven Roigk swimming pool ladder is manufactured to standard and offers numerous fixing and adjustment options for different gutter types. You can find the most common ones in our product data sheet. If these are not sufficient, we adapt the ladder accordingly and send you a detailed approval drawing. Quality features are the non-slip electro-polished stainless steel steps and the stabilising crossbar tube. For brine and salt water pools, our ladders are optionally available in the material 1.4539 electropolished. For alternative sealings or foil pools we will find with you the suitable mounting solution with sealing flanges or clamping flanges.

Standard: DIN EN 13451-2
Ladder steps: 550 x 70 mm or 550 x 140 mm (first step), with non-slip nozzle hole profiling (slip class C according to DIN 51097)
Target group: public baths
Placement: for open ladder niches e.g. in swimming pools
Material: stainless steel V4A (1.4571 or optionally 1.4539)

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