Water saving shower head for wall mounting R52

The revolution in water saving, energy saving, vandalism protection, adjustability and design. The secret is the water jet: compared to “normal” water-saving shower heads, it is pleasant, with thick drops and even with very small amounts of water it is still so cleanable that even long hair can be cleaned without any problems. Existing systems can be converted without any problems because of the 1/2″ connection, and the investment costs are normally amortised within a few months. Flexible settings allow the jet to be focused in such a way that little water and heat scattering loss occurs. The thick drops keep the heat in the water for a long time. The round solid stainless steel construction and special key makes it vandal-proof.

Further advantages:
– infinitely adjustable: 5 to 11 l/min
– vandalism-proof, low-maintenance, self-descaling
– beam direction and beam width variably adjustable on site
– automatic aeration and emptying
– very hygienic, easy to clean and low noise

Target group: Leisure facilities, company showers, large accommodations
Material: stainless steel V4A (1.4571), brass, plastic, rubber

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