Z# Universal ground anchor R8214EN-E

Are you also tired of having to reinvent the wheel with every new project when you want to install or plan water attractions, water play animals, gargoyles or water jets? So are we!

That is why we invented the universal ground anchor for water attractions.

Your advantages:

SUSTAINABLE: As an operator I would like to make my pool more attractive on a regular basis and can now exchange attractions between my pools or purchase new attractions. Without having to make a major conversion. Simply loosen the screws, change the water feature and off you go. Every year the choice of attractions is growing – so maybe in a few years there will be much more great things that will fit on it.

SEALING: Sealing is no problem, as there are suitable sealing flange solutions for all situations – even for PVC film

FITTING: If in the course of the project I remember to change the attractions again, or to change places, I can do this very easily because every attraction fits on the universal ground anchor

STABLE: I can sleep well because the ground anchor is designed to be so stable that even the biggest attractions with wind loads won’t knock it down.

PROJECT-SPECIFICALLY ADAPTED QUICKLY: We always have a delay in the project and built-in parts have to be delivered to the construction site quickly. And not only that. The water connections must be made with special connections from below, from the side, extended, with sealing flange, etc. Roigk produces everything in Gevelsberg (Germany) and sends out the universal floor anchor adapted to the project at short notice. we find the right installation solution.

FORWARDING: How often has it happened that a water cannon sprays in the wrong direction because the installation part was misaligned? The 24 threads in the universal ground anchor allow easy adjustment of the direction of spraying.

LOW BUDGET: As always, the current project budget is too low to be able to really get something done. As always, however, there will still be running budgets in the coming years that can be used. The solution: Plan now for the future and already install as many universal ground anchors as you need for the dream solution in a few years. Some currently only equip with a low-cost floor nozzle and retrofit later.

What fits on the universal floor anchor?

All OXY, CRAFT and RIFF attractions
All WAVE floor nozzles*
Most Roigk gargoyles
Illuminated attractions and floor nozzles with LED insert*
GfK Water splash animals*
RED Nautilus water cannons with time valve
* additional accessories may be necessary – please consult us

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